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A Difficult Journey

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By Mayte Prida

This page is intended to unite all of us that are going through “A Difficult Journey”, be it your own battle against cancer or that of someone you love.


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage three, at the age of 38, my life changed dramatically. My priorities, the way I lived and faced life, even the everyday things in my surroundings were affected. At first I could not believe the diagnostic. I hoped it was a mistake. I was in denial. I tried in vain to negotiate with the one “up there”. I wanted it to not be true. I was in shocked.

I now know I know that those were natural human defense feelings and fortunately they didn’t last more than a couple of days. Once I did accept the fact that I had breast cancer, I decided to fight for my life and keep on living.

Within the Hispanic society, there was still the connotation to relate the word cancer with death. My grandparents were not even able to pronounce “the word”. It brought them fear. Even though in earlier years, people diagnosed with cancer did die, nowadays there are many treatments that are helping to prolong the life of those affected by this disease. I wanted to be part of that group which today it is estimated to be around 9 million cancer survivors in the US alone.

It is very important for those dealing with cancer to seek help, get different opinions, and be prepared to know what lies ahead. Most importantly, one must keep a positive attitude because the power of the mind and the faith each of us may have, can help enormously in regaining our health. For now we know there is not one specific cure for cancer, but the sooner it is detected and attacked, the greater the chances we have of surviving it.

Cancer is not an easy disease; what’s more, I personally call it a "bipolar" disease. Despite being cruel and deceitful, of invading our bodies in a cowardly way and without notice or leaving us little time to react, it is also a disease that ignites feelings of love, of compassion and generosity in people.
For this reason and with the intention of returning to the universe some of the many things it has given me is why I created this foundation. Through it we are helping women and their families during their time of need. Hopefully the information you find here will be of great use to you.

The battle that you or your loved one now began is not an easy one. However, please remember that in this corner of the universe you have a group of people that understands you and knows what you are going through and that we are here to support you. We want to help you in these difficult times, even if it is only with a smile or words of hope.

As a small token of gratitude to the Universe for all of the great things that I have received while dealing with cancer, is that I created this foundation, a place of hope.

The battle against cancer is not easy, but the road can be full of blessings. Open up your heart and receive them.

We wish you the best of luck in this journey and remember, there is only one life and it is worth fighting for!



unaetapa !

Much Love,

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