the mayte prida foundation


The Mayte Prida Foundation prides itself for developing and implementing media campaigns to bring awareness and hope about breast cancer. In this space we share some of those campaigns with you.


This campaign was designed by Creative Director Federico Traeger, directed by Jorge Colón and produced by LETCA Films.
It was created after Federico and his creative team read hundreds of emails sent to us by people battling the disease and or their families. “It was of great importance to me to be able to capture the essence of the words of those affected by breast cancer. The use of key phrases by well known celebrities gave those words great power” said Federico. “I believe we were able to bring hope and strength to those fighting the disease with this particular campaign” concluded.

Participating Artists: Lorena Rojas, Marta Picanes, Karla Monroig, Pedro Moreno, Gabriela Rivero, Reyli, Isabella Prida, Olga Guillot, Area 305, Michelle Vargas, Jorge Felix, Bonco Quinongo, Carlos Puchi, Rene Farrait, Riccardo Dalmacci, Xavier Ceriani, Carlos Mesber, Ricardo Chaves, y Mayte Prida.


A series of PSA’s written by creative directors Federico Traeguer, Juanjo Quintana y Allen Sánchez. Directed by Massimo Martinotti and produced by MIA Films.
“The concept behind these campaigns is to teach through specific messages the great relevance of an early detection in the fight against cancer. Also, we wanted to bring hope to those afflicted by the disease. The participation of TV, Radio, Film and Music Celebrities is crucial to deliver the message to the masses” said the creators.

Participating Artists: Ariel López Padilla, Franco, Victor González, Mónica Noguera, Harry Geithner, Anna Silvetti, Alondra, Raymond Tavares,Olga Guillot, Isabella Prida, Ricardo Dalmacci, Fernando Verdazco, Diana Osorio, Calos López Estrada, Ricardo Chaves, Eglantina Zingg.

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