the mayte prida foundation

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To educate and provide practical information and tools to help guide women and their families while undergoing the uncertainties of breast cancer.


I am Mayte Prida, and I imagine that if you are visiting our site it is because you or someone very dear to you is going through a difficult time: a battle against breast cancer. I know how it feels, I have personally gone through it more than once. Our days are filled with denial, anguish, desperation, and helplessness.
The fight is not easy but the road can be full of BLESSINGS if we decide to see them and accept them. I can tell you with all certainty that, without any doubt during my battle which started in 2001, I have grown a lot spiritually through pain and suffering. I have learned to transform adversity into opportunity of growth and my life has become a journey of enlightenment. I have come to realize the true meaning of the words LOVE and COMPASSION. I have had the privilege of living them, feeling them and enjoying them in a way that, before beginning my healing process, I simply did not know was possible.
When I was first diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. I was only 38 years old. It was when I decided to ask “for what reason” instead of “why me” when I found my true calling in life. Nowadays, I find that reason every single day of my life, and today you are part of it. If my experience, my work, my fight can help you in these times of doubt and uncertainty, then my mission is being fulfilled. Perhaps by knowing my personal process you will come to see that even when facing cancer, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Cancer is a cruel and devastating disease. It hides within us and tears us apart. But, we are wonderful human beings and we must fight it with courage and dignity. You are not alone in this battle. We are thousands of people affected by this disease each and every day and until a cure is found, remember that there is hope and light on this most difficult journey.
Keep up your good spirits! Much Light,